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"All Technology Degree Graduates (B.Tech Hons / B.S Technology / B.Sc Technology / B.Sc Engineering Technology) strongly do the protest to Ministry of Science and Technology Pakistan and HEC Pakistan against non implementation of HEC's Notification of Establishment of National Technology Council (NTC). Technology students and graduates demand from Prime Minister of Pakistan Dr.Muhammad Nawaz Sharif that NTC be established without any delay and PEC be expelled from the membership of NTC.  Instead rep. of Ministry of Defence Production may be included in NTC"

Welcome to the world of Engineering and Technology (E&T) through the Pakistan B.Tech Engineers Community (PBEC).

Here, we are always waiting for you to get familiar about the B.Tech Engineers and Engineering Technologists; 

Who are we?

Which sorts of competencies have we?

What is our Professional Status all over the world?

How can we serve you? And

What is our importance in the Society?

The Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) Pass degree Graduates (as 2-years degree and 14 years schooling in total) are entitled as Engineering Technologists whereas the B.Tech Hons degree Graduates (as 4-years degree and 16 years schooling in total) are entitled as Professional Engineers.


They are the most important part of the Technology Team other than the Scientist, Engineering Technician and Artisan.  The B.Tech Pass (Engineering Technologist) and Hons (Professional Engineers) are state of the art in concepts and skills.  The B.Tech Hons Engineering is considered as full Professional on equivalent basis as the B.E / B.Sc Engineering.


All the Engineering Councils of the developed Nations like Australia, New ZeaLand, UK, India, SriLanka, South Africa accept the B.Tech Pass and B.Tech Hons Graduates as full professional Engineering Technologists and Engineers, respectively on basis of the number of years of schooling.  And they simply know their importance in the development of Technology for their Nations.


We strongly encourage you to visit the website of “International Engineering Alliance (IEA)” i.e. www.ieagreements.org for any further related information.


Pakistan also needs to realize the importance of its B.Tech Graduates i.e. Engineering Technologists (14 years) and B.Tech Engineers (16 years) on the same lines as the rest of the world to develop its own Technology not only for itself but also for other friend countries.


Pakistan is still missing the B.Tech Hons Engineers and B.Tech Pass Engineering Technologists in its Technology Team with their due rights and professional status due to ill-intentioned advices by the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) to the Govt. of Pakistan against B.Tech Pass and Hons Degrees Graduates.


  Listen the Voice of the Pakistani


B.Tech Hons Engineers

(4 Years Degree Graduates)


B.Tech Pass Engineering Technologists

(2 Years Degree Graduates)


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Technology Council for B.Tech (Pass) & B.Tech (Hons) Graduates should be established under:

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